Your hair is precious to us .. 10 steps to protect it from damage during the summer (details)

Your hair is precious to us .. 10 steps to protect it from damage during the summer (details)

Your hair is exposed to many external influences that damage it and give it a pale color, and because your hair is one of the most important reasons for your beauty, these

10 steps to follow in the summer to avoid damaging the hair as a result of absorbing harmful rays and moisture.

1- hats:

If you are committed to going every day during the summer, you should wear a hat over your head or cover your hair with a tool that prevents direct sunlight from reaching it, because wearing a hat prevents the arrival of ultraviolet rays that cause fiber damage. . Read also: Dry and frizzy hair in summer

2- Hair washing:

Avoid constant washing of hair, because this produces a lot of oils, which makes you feel the need to wash them constantly, which causes stress.

3- Hydration before swimming:

Summer cruises can damage your hair if you do not take the necessary measures, the most important of which is to hydrate your hair before going to the pool, as well as the need to wash it well with cold water after going out, to ‘ remove them. chlorine and the salts that are embedded in it, which damage the scalp and your hair.Poetry.

4- Hydration in general:

Generally, use a shampoo that has high moisturizing properties. Choose a moisturizing formula that has been created to keep your scalp healthy and your hair beautiful.

5- Hair dryer:

Make sure the dryer is 30 cm away from your hair, as hair styling can be very bad and can lead to drying, cracking and breakage, and one way to help you avoid this is to simply make sure the dryer is dry. be 30 cm away when using it, as this avoids curling and overlapping the hair.

6- Hot water:

Do not wash your hair with hot water, washing your hair with hot water causes them to dry out and confuse their locks, which leads to their breakage. This applies in all seasons, but especially in summer, because your hair is exposed to high temperatures throughout the day. Read also: Natural remedies for thinning hair

7. Good nutrition

It is necessary to pay attention to good food throughout the seasons, but in summer you need to take more care of it, drink more water, eat a green salad every day near lunch, and eat 2-3 tuna times a week.

8- Avoid sun exposure:

From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., avoid direct sun exposure and, if necessary, wear a hat.

9- Individual and cosmetic means:

Avoid the use of steering creams, as they have a detrimental effect on your hair strands, as well as hair conditioning gel, as well as avoid the use of dyes, the repetition of which causes stress on your hair.

10- Drinking water:

Drinking 8 cups a day is able to provide the necessary hydration to your hair throughout the day, protecting them from breaking and falling out.

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