The easiest way to make a handkerchief kibe without dissolving it in oil and the secret of its crocanism, with a delicious taste and a cohesive texture

The easiest way to make a handkerchief kibe without dissolving it in oil and the secret of its crocanism, with a delicious taste and a cohesive texture

Kibbeh is one of the famous dishes in Syria and Palestine and is characterized by its delicious taste and there are different ways to make it, whether fried, bulgur or grilled, and each has its own taste, but now kibbeh has become widespread. in all countries and everyone loves it, especially the fried ones, and in this article we will introduce you in detail how it works Follow us.

How to make handkerchief kibe


One kilogram of bulgur. Salt and black pepper. 4 onions A teaspoon of ginger. A spoonful of almonds. A tablespoon of pine nuts. One kilogram of a quarter of minced meat. A teaspoon of sumac. A teaspoon of cumin. Half a spoon of cinnamon.

How to prepare:

We clean the bulgur well, then we wash it and leave it in water for 30 minutes, then we cut the bulgur with half a kilo of minced meat. We add salt, black pepper and cumin and when a homogeneous dough is created, we place it in a pot and put it on the fire. We cook it in a pot. Add a tablespoon of oil and fry the onions well until it gets the right color and add the rest of the minced meat and spices. Leave the mixture on the fire until the meat is cooked, then in a non-stick pan, mix the almonds and pine nuts and add to the meat mass. From the dough we form balls and make a hole in the middle, then we put inside a spoon from the filling and close it well. Repeat the same step until the quantity is finished. Then we pass the kiben in hot and abundant oil to get the right color, then we raise it on kitchen paper and serve it with a plate of green salad.

How to make fried Palestinian kibe


Half a kilo of fine bulgur. 2 onions. 400 grams of minced lamb. People with lemon. A teaspoon of crushed basil. Half a teaspoon of paprika. salt. 2 tablespoons flour. Water as needed.

Filling ingredients:

300 gr minced lamb. 100 gr roasted pine nuts. 3 large minced onions. 2 tablespoons olive oil. spoons of butter. Salt and black pepper.

How to prepare:

Place the bulgur moistened with the onions and the rest of the filling ingredients in the electric kettle and mix well to obtain a stable dough. Put a pot of olive oil, butter and onion on the fire, stir it, then add the meat with the rest of the ingredients and leave it until it is cooked. Form the cone in the shape of a cone with a spoon from the filling inside and close it well from the edges, then fry in oil, here and the lips.

Benefits of the Shami kibbutz

Kibbeh contains a high percentage of dietary fiber due to vegetables and bulgur, thus reducing constipation and treating stomach infections and digestive problems. It contains a high percentage of proteins and vitamins, so it provides the body with energy and vitality, as well as maintains bone health and promotes the growth of cells and tissues. It can be eaten healthily by baking it in the oven instead of frying for people with heart problems.

Tips for the success of the levantine kiba

The oil should be hot and be sure to apply it one by one so that the oil does not drop in temperature and spoil the kibbutz. Once the kibe is formed, put it in the fridge to harden and it can be stored in the fridge for 3 months, but between the kibe layers the fridge bags should be placed. When they come out of the oil we place them in a colander with kitchen towels inside to be crunchy.


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