Sliding recipes for chicken shawarma The simplest chicken recipes in Ramadan

Sliding recipes for chicken shawarma The simplest chicken recipes in Ramadan

Sliding recipes for chicken shawarma The simplest chicken recipes in Ramadan – Thaqafni

Chicken shawarma sliding methodThe Chicken Shawarma Slider recipe is one of the simplest chicken meals that has an irresistible intelligent taste at the same time and is one of the food recipes that many mothers accept for its convenience and benefits for the body, especially for our little ones.

Ingredients of chicken shawarma slider

The following ingredients are enough for five to six people and are varied and plentiful to get the ultimate appealing taste of chicken strips:

  • Six boneless and skinless chicken breasts.
  • A large spoonful of chicken shawarma spices.
  • And seven tablespoons of vegetable oil, like olive oil.
  • Amount of two tablespoons of ketchup of a large size.
  • A simple spray with cinnamon powder.
  • Five pieces of sliding bread or according to the number of people.
  • A quarter of a teaspoon of crushed cardamom.
  • Two heads of garlic, peeled and minced as well.
  • Amount of table salt as needed.
  • A teaspoon of red paprika powder.
  • It is black pepper powder as needed.
  • A small spoonful of dried thyme.
  • Two tablespoons of lemon juice.
  • A quarter cup of lemon salt.

How to make sliding chicken shawarma,

How to Make Chicken Shawarma Sliders |

And now in the steps of implementing the simple chicken shawarma slider recipe:

  1. Marinate whole chicken breasts with ketchup, spices, thyme, cinnamon, minced garlic, olive oil, table salt and lemon juice.
  2. Cover the breast well with the mixture and preferably leave it in the fridge the day before to soak up the sauce for a longer period.
  3. After that, prepare a deep frying pan on high heat with vegetable oil and wait until it heats up.
  4. Add the pieces of chicken shawarma to the pan until they are well cooked, then add the amount of brown pepper powder with salt and leave them until they are completely cooked.
  5. Then now add the remaining amount of garlic with the amount of lemon salt and gradually add two tablespoons of olive oil in order to obtain a thick and cohesive structure of garlic.
  6. Now the chicken is taken out of the pan to filter the excess amount of oil from it and placed on slippery bread and on top of each quantity of shawarma is placed a quantity of garlic to add sour taste.

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