Ramadan meal schedule 30 days, every day a new type and food

Ramadan meal schedule 30 days, every day a new type and food

Ramadan food schedule 30 days every day a new type and food – Thaqafni

Ramadan meal schedule 30 days every day is a completely new category, with the advent of the holy month of Ramadan, housewives are very interested in preparing various delicious meals for breakfast, and therefore search every day for the most types good favorite foods. for their family so that they can prepare them for breakfast on the occasion of the beginning of the holy month The blessed month of Ramadan and for this reason we will explain to you through today’s article the schedule of Ramadan meals that will save you a great deal of effort in thinking about preparing food during the blessed month of Ramadan.

Ramadan meal schedule

  • The first day is eaten in the oven grilled chicken along with green salad stuffed with eggplant, zucchini and pepper and mango hemp is prepared.
  • On the second day prepare a pasta pan with bechamel, grilled meatballs, green salad, tahini salad and nuts.
  • On the third day, the okra casserole is prepared in the oven and rice puree or green salad and pudding are made.
  • On the fourth day prepare basmati curry rice, along with green salad, orzo soup, shish tawook and hemp with cream.
  • On the fifth day, chicken shawarma, white rice, molokhia, tahini chicken salad and green salad are prepared.
  • For the sixth day, Saudi chicken nuggets will be prepared, along with a green salad with mushrooms and cups of hemp.
  • On the seventh day, sweet kebabs, salads, whole grain rice and Katayef are prepared with Ajwa.
  • On the eighth day prepare an oven casserole with shrimp, sayadia rice, singary fish, green salad or fruit salad with nuts.
  • On the ninth day prepare a pigeon casserole with freekeh, soup with vermicelli, caramel cream and tahini salad.
  • On the tenth day, the potato pan is prepared with bechamel, minced meat, buffet, green salad, spaghetti with chicken and baklava.

The best food in the month of Ramadan

You can prepare grilled meat and rice with mixes and nuts, or fried rabbits with green molokia, or a casserole with onions, next to a salad with fried rice and tahini, or grilled chicken on the grill next to a casserole vegetables with meat.

You can also prepare chicken mandi along with grilled vegetable salad with chicken and broccoli soup, or prepare meatballs with tomato sauce, chips or minced meat moussaka, or green salad and bread.

Pizza and green salads or grilled steaks can be prepared together with rice with meat, pasta, chicken in a pot, shawarma fat and chips, or stuffed with vine leaves, along with grilled chicken or grilled fish and shrimp rice.

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