Learn how to prepare a healthy salad that benefits your body

Learn how to prepare a healthy salad that benefits your body

Salads are versatile dishes that can be a great choice for breakfast, lunch or snack Preparing a good salad bowl is not as easy as it seems when preparing salads, it is important to have a balanced mix of ingredients for support general health according to a report from the website TIME NOW NEWS.

How to make a good salad

A good salad should have these characteristics:

  • It should be colorful because of the diversity.
  • It should be a mixture of textures like chewy, crunchy, dry, wet & soft.
  • There should be a balance in temperature, sweetness and acidity.
  • Ingredients should complement each other.
  • There should be no excess spices or sauce.

Salad preparation tips

Here are some ways you can make a healthy salad bowl:

Protein addition:

Protein is essential for the growth and development of the body when preparing your salad, do not forget to add lean meats. It is recommended to use lean meats like chicken and turkey as they are low in fat and calories but rich in protein..

Stir in the vegetables:

It’s time to eat greens and satisfy the cravings of the elderly. Do not let lettuce and broccoli dominate the other greens. Add other green vegetables like spinach, peas, green beans and cabbage to your salad to add variety and taste..

Add healthy fats:

Like other nutrients, healthy fats are required by the body and can help improve cholesterol and promote heart health. Add healthy sources of fats like avocado, nuts (like nuts, pistachios and almonds) and fatty fish (like salmon) to your salad to improve the taste and texture..

Garnish with dried fruits and seeds:

In addition to adding crumbs and flavor to your salad, dried fruits and seeds can add a ton of antioxidants, fiber and protein to your salad. You can add ingredients like raisins, chia seeds, sunflower seeds and dates.


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