International cuisine  The easiest way to prepare rice with meat and nuts at home

International cuisine The easiest way to prepare rice with meat and nuts at home

Rice with meat and nuts is one of the famous Lebanese dishes. It is a special dish, delicious and easy to prepare and relies heavily on Levant cuisine, especially in Lebanon.

Ingredients for the rice bowl recipe with meat and nuts:

125 grams of minced beef.
50 grams of halved almonds.
25 grams of raisins.
A medium onion head.
A quarter cup of corn oil.
500 grams of rice.
Half a spoon of spices.
Half a teaspoon of salt.
Half a teaspoon of finely ground cinnamon.
liters of water.
Two cubes of chicken broth.

Recipes for preparing rice with meat and nuts:

Rinse the rice well and leave it in water for half an hour, peel the onions and cut them thinly, then pour the oil in the pot on the fire, leave a tablespoon in the cup, then add the minced onions and stir. until softened, then add the minced meat and stir until browned.

Then put the water in another pot on the fire, add the juice cubes and leave until it boils. Add cinnamon, spices and salt to the meat and stir, then drain the rice from the water and add it to the meat and stir.

And add the meat broth after you have cooked the rice and minced meat, cover the pot and leave on low heat for 25 minutes.
Then remove the rice from the heat and place it on a serving platter. We throw the remaining oil in a small pan, put it on the fire, then add the almonds and raisins, fry and decorate the dish with rice.

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