Instead of green salad .. 5 types of salads, serve in Ramadan your family

Instead of green salad .. 5 types of salads, serve in Ramadan your family

Manar Mohammad

Posted on: Friday, 10 May 2019 – 13:54 | Last update: Friday, May 10, 2019 – 13:54

Salad is one of the basic dishes in the morning and suhoor during the holy month of Ramadan, but some mothers do not deviate from the tradition of serving a salad dish consisting only of vegetables, at a time when there are a large number of different types. delicious salads that are suitable to be part of the fasting month meals.

In the following lines, Al-Shorouk presents 5 different types of salads that can be served during Ramadan.

1 salad with lentils

2 cups boiled lentils.

1 cup chopped green pepper.

1 medium carrot, cut into slices.

2 medium grated tomatoes.

. Bunch of parsley, minced

3 pieces of grated green onions.

– Ingredients for the sauce
3 tablespoons vinegar.

. Teaspoon salt.

2 teaspoons mint.

3 tablespoons olive oil.

How to prepare

1- Drain the lentils well.

2- Put all the ingredients in a serving bowl.

3- In another small bowl, mix the sauce ingredients well and add it to the salad just before eating.

4- Serve the salad cold.

This amount is enough for 4 people and requires 20 minutes to prepare.

2. Yogurt salad with cucumber

a quarter kilogram of minced cucumber.

liter of yogurt.

A clove of garlic.

A quarter teaspoon of salt.

3 tablespoons chopped dry mint.

How to prepare:

1- Wash the cucumbers well, then cut them into equal slices and place them in a side dish until used.

2- Meanwhile, grind the garlic and salt well, then add the milk and stir well.

3- Add the minced cucumber and continue to mix, then add the dried mint and continue to stir until you get a cohesive mass.

4- Place the salad on a serving plate and serve cold on the table.

This type of salad is enough for 3 people and requires 30 minutes to prepare.

3. Arugula salad with apple

A small herd of watermelon.

An apple cut into slices.

Half a cup of sliced ​​radish.

Half a cup of lemon juice.

Two tablespoons of olive oil.

Half a teaspoon of salt.

. Teaspoon black pepper.

How to prepare:

1- In a medium-sized bowl, mix the carrots, apples and radishes and mix well.

2- Then add salt, lemon juice and olive oil and continue to mix until homogeneous.

3- Then we throw it in a serving dish and leave it in the fridge for about an hour, then we take it out and serve it cold.

This salad serves 4 people and requires 35 minutes to prepare.

4. Cabbage salad

A glass and a half of grated carrots.

Four cups of cabbage, cut into slices.

A quarter cup of yogurt.

A quarter cup of sugar.

A quarter cup of mayonnaise.

A tablespoon of lemon juice.

Top with pepper to taste.

A tablespoon of vinegar.

A quarter teaspoon of salt.

A small minced onion.

How to prepare:

1- Mix all the ingredients well, except the cabbage and carrots, then cover the mass and leave for a quarter of an hour.

2- Then add the carrots and cabbage to the mixture.

3- Cover the salad and place it in the fridge for about three hours, after the necessary time has passed, serve the cabbage salads.

It takes 20 minutes to prepare, serves 5 people.

5. Corn salad with mayonnaise

300 gr corn (fresh or canned).

One hundred and fifty grams of mayonnaise.

A tablespoon of olive oil.

pinch of salt.

pull a large spoonful of sugar.

Half a glass of cold water.

A piece of tomato.

Sweet peppers in three colors (green, yellow and red).

200 g of boiled pasta.

Lemon juice.

Preparation steps:

1- Boil the pasta with boiling water and let it cool after baking with a little olive oil on them so that they do not stick to each other.

2- Cut the tomatoes and sweet peppers into small squares.

3- Mix mayonnaise, olive oil, sugar, salt, water and lemon in a large bowl.

4- Add the corn to the mayonnaise mixture, oil, sugar, salt and water. Add the vegetables and mix well.

5- Add the boiled pasta after we have filtered it well from the water, then leave the salad covered for a quarter of an hour before serving and place it in the fridge until the taste is homogeneous.

The salad is enough for 4 people, and the preparation takes 20 minutes.

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