How to make cake with ingredients suitable for holidays and celebrations

How to make cake with ingredients suitable for holidays and celebrations


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07:56 pm | Tuesday 13 July 2021

How to make cake

The way the cake is prepared is important for people all over the world, especially as it is a food found in all different cuisines and cultures, and is a food made from flour, sugar and other ingredients, and baked in different ways.

How to make cake

The most commonly used cake ingredients in Egyptian cuisine are flour, sugar, eggs, butter, oil or margarine, juice and a drying agent.

In some other kitchens, desserts are made with baking soda or powder and include some common ingredients and additional flavors such as dried, sweetened or fresh fruit, nuts, cocoa and extracts like vanilla.

There are also many alternatives to cake base ingredients through fruit or nut flavored fillings, dessert sauces (such as pastry cream), cream and butter or other creamy or candied fruit.

The cake is often served as a festive dish on the occasion of holidays, celebrations or weddings and birthdays, along with various types of sweets like basbousa and cakes.

There are many forms of dessert preparation, some of which resemble bread and some are rich in flavor. The first is an old traditional method that appeared in many countries.

The ancient Greeks called cake “plakous”, meaning “flat bread”, and it was baked with flour mixed with eggs, milk, nuts and honey.

They also had a cake called “satora”, a flat cake rich in milk and during the Roman period the name of the cake became “placenta”, a term derived from the Greek term.

And the way the cake was made in England was bread and milk, and in the past it was made in a circular shape and the cake was turned once during cooking in the Egyptian way.

Cake preparation ingredients

a cup of sugar.

A cup of light oil or corn oil.

A cup of milk (or you can add an orange if you wish).

A small amount of vanilla and baking powder.

4 eggs.

2 cups flour.

How to make cake

Put the 4 eggs with a cup of water in the blender and with a little salt, then beat them well in the blender, then add the vinegar.

Continue to mix the ingredients in the mixer until it takes on a light color, then gradually add the sugar and continue mixing.

Add the oil, then the milk and continue beating, in a deep bowl toss the flour and a bag of baking powder.

Mix the other ingredients well and add the flour and baking powder to the mixer.

Spread the pan with oil with a flour sprinkler, then pour the mixture into a bowl to make sure the flour mixes with the juices and toss in the pan.

Nesquik can be added to half a cup of the mass, then mix well and then add to the mass at random.

Place in the oven at 180 degrees for 45 minutes.

Serve the cold cake with tea or juices, according to the family preference.


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