How to make a yogurt cake .. the sweetest cake for your kids

How to make a yogurt cake .. the sweetest cake for your kids

Wrote: Hanan Hassan Ibrahim

A recipe for a classic and yogurt-based cake that always goes well, but there are still some tricks to make it more juicy and fluffy, and today I am telling you which one is mine, in order to get a cake with 10 and without complications.

A piece of this cake makes breakfast and meals fun, everyone likes it, especially the little ones at home, it is the perfect recipe to prepare at home with the kids and for them to start in the kitchen.

Ingredients of yogurt cake

How to make yogurt cakeHow to make yogurt cake

2 cups natural yogurt


1 cup sunflower oil

2 cups sugar

2 cups whole wheat flour are also good

3 eggs

1 envelope

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice (optional).

Poppy seeds (optional)

How to make yogurt cake

How to make yogurt cakeHow to make yogurt cake


Yogurt cake does not need very accurate measurements to come out beautiful.

1- I always start by removing all the necessary ingredients and dishes on the desktop. So I do not forget anything and then continue to save them as I use them. If not, the kitchen can be a mess and that’s not a plan, no! I like to be organized in the kitchen.

2- The first thing I do is separate the yolks from the eggs. I keep the eggs until the end, in the yellow bowl I add yoghurt, sugar and oil.

3- With a double mixer, mix the ingredients well, add by sifting a quantity of flour with yeast.

3- Mix well with the grate.

4- Add another amount of flour, mix it well and do the same with the third.

4- Time for lemon peel, juice and seeds.

5- Mix well but avoid mixing for a long time, only until the ingredients are integrated

6- At this time, turn on the oven at 180 ° C.

7-Beat the eggs until the snow, until they change color, become brighter and the tops appear.

8-You can turn the bowl without dropping it.

9-With the tongue I take a small amount of egg white and insert it into the dough with a rolling motion.

10- You will notice that the dough is softening.

11-I take another small amount from the egg white and add it and so on, two or three times, little by little but without beating it too much and as soon as the eggs come together we stop.

Cake processing

How to make yogurt cakeHow to make yogurt cake

12- I like to use the typical circular mold that opens and separates the base, but you can use any mold suitable for the oven.

13-Grease it to remove it easily.

14- We throw the dough and spread it well all over the mold and we pull it with our tongue so that nothing is lost.

15- In the end we will not hit the mold with our tongue or on the table, because the blows will reduce the air we reached with the eggs and we do not want to.

We put it in the oven

How to make yogurt cakeHow to make yogurt cake

16- Now we only have to put it in the oven. This is almost more difficult. We need to know our oven and do the tests with it, through the following:

A- Place it for 40 minutes at 180 ° C

B – The most important thing is not to open the oven until it is well cooked

A- What I recommend is to go to the test with a notebook nearby and write down how the tests went until you find the correct clock, because every oven is different!

D-Note Remove all pans and use only the rack to support the cake so that it can bake well from top to bottom.


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