How to Make a Vanilla Cake at Home |

How to Make a Vanilla Cake at Home |

How to make a vanilla cake at home, how to make a vanilla cake with simple steps, is one of the things that young children love, because of the small size and beauty of the taste, so you should take care of them set it. on the table during children’s birthdays and holidays, but many housewives may not be able to prepare it and we will help them with this, provided that the quantities and quantities mentioned are observed without any increase or decrease.

How to Make a Vanilla Cake at Home |

The presence of cupcakes attracts the attention of many people because there are many shapes and accessories to decorate them. The easiest of these methods is the vanilla recipe, which does not take more than half an hour to prepare and is done with the following steps:

How to Make a Vanilla Cake in Simple Steps |


If you want to make a vanilla cake for your kids, you need to bring the following ingredients:

A glass and a half of whole milk.
Five cups of sifted flour.
A teaspoon of baking powder.
A half cup of oil.
Just a quarter cup of fine sugar.
Seven eggs.
tablespoons butter.

How to prepare

Vanilla cake can be obtained by following the steps below:

Place the eggs with the sugar in a large mixing bowl, then mix them together for about two minutes, then add the oil and milk and continue beating.
Place the baking powder with a part of the flour on the liquid ingredients and stir them together until the mixture becomes homogeneous and repeat the process until you finish all the flour.
Prepare the pan set for the preparation of the cake and start by coating it with butter and then place the dough in it until the mass reaches approximately in the middle of the mold.
Place the cake in the hot oven at 200 ° C for at least a third of an hour until it is ready, then take it out and decorate it with the sauce you prefer.

Vanilla and fruit cake recipe

We mentioned how to make a vanilla cake with simple steps and we will explain how to prepare it with the addition of fruit to increase its nutritional value because it contains many useful elements and minerals by doing the following:


The following ingredients should be prepared before you start making cake tins, which are simple and easily available at home, as follows:

Four grated bananas.
Three tablespoons of milk.
Two eggs.
A little vanilla.
A cup of soft butter.
150 grams of dried fruit.
A teaspoon of cinnamon.
A bag of baking powder.
A quarter kilogram of dark flour.
Two tablespoons of corn oil.

how to prepare

This recipe takes about an hour to prepare and is done by doing the following:

We start by heating the oven until we prepare the dough, we coat it with a cloth brush with a little oil and then we spread a small amount of flour on it so that it does not stick to the mold.
Bring to a bowl and add all the dry ingredients like dried fruit, cinnamon, baking powder, flour and vanilla and mix together.
We take the banana puree and place it on the liquid ingredients like eggs, milk and butter and stir it, then gradually add the flour and baking powder.
Place the dough in a cake pan coated with butter, then place the previously prepared mixture and place it in the hot oven at medium temperature for half an hour until it swells and bakes, then take it out.
Place the cupcakes on the serving plates and spread a little cream mixture over them with pieces of fruit like strawberries and bananas.

How to Make a Vanilla and Orange Cake |

Orange gives the cake a special taste and sharp smell, in addition to containing a large amount of vitamin C, which in turn boosts the body’s immunity and makes it better against various infections, and can be decorated with cream Or orange sauce as well. desired, and is one of the simple recipes that takes about an hour to prepare by doing the following:


When preparing a vanilla-orange cake, consider the availability of all of the following ingredients:

A large box of light sweet cream.
A tablespoon of baking powder.
pinch of salt
a cup of fat
A half cup of sugar.
Five eggs.
A cup of cold milk.
Three bags of vanilla.
a quarter cup of orange juice.
A tablespoon of orange peel.
Three cups of sifted flour.

how to prepare

We take these steps to have a successful cake by doing the following:

Turn the oven on until it heats up until the cake dough is ready, then start mixing the dry ingredients together in a deep bowl with the flour, salt and baking powder and stirring them together.
Put the cold gin and sugar in the blender and work until the consistency becomes creamy, then start to beat the eggs one by one, continuing to beat.
Place the milk and vanilla on top of the previous mixture and mix them together, then add the orange juice and peel and stir for a minute.
Gradually add the pre-prepared dry ingredients, use a food processor and mix the ingredients together until smooth.
Pour the mixture into the cake tins after you have greased it

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