How to make a quick and easy cake with steps at lower costs in less time and delicious taste

How to make a quick and easy cake with steps at lower costs in less time and delicious taste

Steps to make a quick and easy cake in a very easy and easy way and with the taste that you or the boys like, where you can make it with chocolate, mango, berries or strawberries and can also be learned by young girls . who enter the kitchen and want to learn an easy sweet work with simple steps and their taste will be admired by all who enjoy it.

Quick and easy cake

With simple ingredients available in every kitchen, you can make a delicious homemade cake for you and your family that everyone will enjoy and you can make it with different flavors like you and the kids. Two eggs, a cup of all-purpose flour, vanilla and a tablespoon of baking powder.

Cake preparation steps

The cake can be easily prepared using the mixer in the kitchen, where it is easy to mix the ingredients and mix well, and we present in detail the way and steps to make a cake with many flavors such as strawberries, chocolate, mango or . any other taste easily:

1- Pour a cup of flour and place a spoonful of baking powder in a bowl and mix well and set aside to prepare the mass.

2- Put the cup of milk and the cup of sugar in the blender and mix them well until the sugar dissolves well in the milk.

3- Add the taste that you and your children prefer by placing a bag of powdered ice cream with the flavor you prefer, mango, strawberry or chocolate, to make a beautiful and delicious cake with homemade brownie.

4- Once you have added the flavor you like, pour a cup of only a quarter of the oil and place a bag of vanilla and mix well.

5- Divide a portion (half a cup) of the mass before laying the eggs, as it will be used to decorate the face of the cake to give a nice flavor to the cake because it has the flavor you chose to make the cake and leave it aside and we can put it in the fridge until we finish leveling the cake.

6- Put the remaining mixture with a mixer, two eggs and beat well again until all the ingredients are mixed again with the eggs.

7- Pour the mixture over the flour and beat it with a manual or electric egg beater until a liquid paste is created that easily penetrates into the cake pan.

Preheat the oven before placing the cake, then lower the heat so that the leveling is on very low heat and leave the cake in the oven without opening the oven for twenty-five minutes, this time is enough to level the cake. Open the oven and make sure to leveled by placing a knife in the middle of the cake. The cake is systematized, we take the cake out of the oven and let it cool outside the oven, then we cut it and place the part that we have left aside for decoration and to give a delicious taste to the cake.

other sweets

We offer you ways to make other cakes that many women are looking for, such as the way of preparing kofta and making cakes, especially oriental cakes that are famous for the month of Ramadan, like Qatif and Kunafa of all kinds, like kunafa. with cream, Kunafa with cream and nuts and Nabulsi Kunafa for which the Levant is famous and loved by all Arabs, which is Kunafa with cheese In this article learn how to make Nabulsi Konafa.

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