Follow the diet with oats and yogurt to lose extra weight in a very short period

Follow the diet with oats and yogurt to lose extra weight in a very short period

Many women suffer from excessive weight gain and it is known that women care a lot about their beauty and are inclined to achieve an ideal weight and are constantly looking for ways to get rid of excess weight, especially with as little effort as possible. and cost. and time.

Some women prefer to go to the gym and others prefer to take chemical medications that help remove excess weight, but they can rely on natural methods, such as some effective diets, including the oatmeal diet with yogurt.

8241e235e0.jpgThis diet is one of the best diets to lose 5 to 7 pounds in just twenty days, so you should follow the diet with oats and yogurt to get rid of excess weight and burn fat, in a very short period.
Oats are known for their many health benefits, as they contain a lot of fiber, which gives a feeling of satiety for long periods of time, and oats also improve digestion and treat bloating and satiety, so the oatmeal and yogurt diet is one of the most successful . Diet to lose extra weight.

How to follow the oatmeal diet with yogurt?

Add the oats with a cup of yogurt and eat this mixture in the morning, and this is a basic daily meal.
Light snacks are eaten at lunch such as 2 grilled fish with five tablespoons of rice, or a quarter of a completely fat-free chicken with a green salad, and a cup of oats and yogurt should be eaten.
For dinner, you can eat salmon with a plate of boiled vegetables, or eat two apples with a cup of oatmeal with yogurt.
Be sure to eat dinner before nine o’clock in the evening, so that you burn fat easily.

441b36c07f.jpgTo ensure the success of the oatmeal diet with yogurt, the following guidelines must be followed:

Use low-fat, low-fat yogurt.
Oatmeal should be low in sodium.
You can add many distinctive flavors to the oatmeal dish, such as fresh fruits like berries and apples, or a spoonful of honey and cinnamon.
Make sure you drink two liters of water a day.

Oatmeal diet with yogurt and honey

Oats, yogurt and honey when combined, produce very important benefits for the human body and the meal is essential and beneficial because it contains all the elements the body needs.

Ingredients for the oatmeal diet with yogurt and honey:
A large box of fat-free yogurt.
4 tablespoons oats.
Two tablespoons of sugar.
A tablespoon of honey.
a teaspoon of butter.
spoons of grated walnuts
Some strawberries.

72dc70994e.jpgHow to prepare:
First pour the butter into the pan, add the oats and let it brown.
Add the walnuts and then add sugar to this mixture and leave it until it dissolves.
Then add the honey and mix well.
Add a cup of yogurt and mix well with the other ingredients.
To this mixture add the chopped strawberries and in the oatmeal diet with yogurt and honey, eat this mixture for breakfast and dinner.


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