Diet to move weight stability – Layalina

Diet to move weight stability – Layalina

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Have you ever wondered about the reasons for your weight stability? Despite following the same diet and exercise? Are you looking for a diet to move a constant weight? Follow the article to answer all your questions.

Any person can reach the stage of weight stability and stability, which is a stage in which a person tries to lose more and yet can not, despite following the same diet and exercising regularly, weight stability can occur as a result of a reduction in the amount of energy and metabolic rate that the body needs, Weight stability occurs as a result of lowering the metabolic rate at rest, to clarify further, when a person consumes fewer calories, the metabolic rate will decrease over time rest time, resulting in a lower amount of energy needed by the body and consequently lower calorie burning, exercise can and reduce the number of calories than before To help move weight stability. [1]

Reducing daily calories can help move weight stability, it is worth emphasizing the importance of not reducing calories to 1200 calories, in order to ensure that the body’s food needs are met and the feeling of hunger is reduced. [1] A 1200 calorie diet plan can help stabilize weight, [2]


Here are some examples of breakfast,

  • ¼ cup of minced wheat germ with 1 cup of milk
  • Low fat yogurt with blueberries
  • Raspberry and banana smoothie
  • boiled eggs
  • 1 slice of toast with peanut butter
  • 1 cup nonfat cottage cheese with pineapple or strawberries
  • 1 cup oatmeal with berries or bananas
  • Half an avocado with a cup of nonfat cottage cheese

Here are some examples of lunch,

  • A can of flavored tuna with lemon juice or pepper
  • Arugula salad with cranberry, walnuts, lemon juice, balsamic vinegar and a little parmesan cheese
  • 1 cup Greek yogurt with honey, berries and almonds
  • Almond butter in a whole grain English muffin
  • 1 avocado with sauce
  • Baked beef sandwich with low-calorie mayonnaise, lettuce and tomatoes in whole wheat bread

Here are some examples of dinner,

  • 62 gr salmon cooked in vegetable oil with pepper or lemon juice
  • Avocado toast on whole wheat bread with one side green beans
  • Sweet potatoes with ghee and 125 g grilled chicken
  • 1/4 cup brown rice with 1 cup steamed vegetables and low-fat cottage cheese
  • 1 cup whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce and three meatballs turkey or soy

Here are some examples of a snack you can eat,

  • Mixed nuts, tasteless or with added sugar
  • Peaches or mangoes are perfect for overcoming cravings for sugar
  • Guacamole and raw vegetables
  • ½ avocado with hot sauce
  • 1 serving of mixed canned vegetables without salt
  • Peanut butter in toast with whole grains
  • 62 grams of pistachios without salt
  • 1/3 cup hummus with raw vegetables

Some of the following tips can help increase weight stability, [3]

  • reduce carbohydrate intake, Several studies have found that following a low-carbohydrate diet can help treat weight stability, as it was found that people who consumed less than 50 grams of carbohydrates or less per day were able to achieve more weight loss in compared to people who follow a traditional diet. .
  • training, Exercise, especially strength training, can help increase weight stability by compensating for the drop in metabolic rate that occurs during weight loss.
  • Accurate calorie trackingCalorie tracking can help you identify imbalances in your diet and how to adjust imbalances to promote weight loss.
  • eating enough protein, Protein helps increase metabolism and prevent loss of muscle mass, as well as promotes satiety.
  • Stay away from stress and psychological pressure, Stress increases the production of the hormone cortisol. The production of this hormone can interfere with weight loss and can increase the chance of fat accumulation in the body, especially in the abdominal area.
  • intermittent fastingIntermittent fasting can help you reduce the amount of calories you eat on a daily basis while maintaining muscle mass and a normal metabolic rate for weight loss.
  • Eat plenty of fiberFiber promotes weight loss by slowing down the movement of food through the digestive system and suppressing appetite and consequently reducing the amount of calories taken in each day.
  • drink plenty of fluids, Whether water, tea or coffee, some studies have found that getting enough fluids helps increase metabolism and burn fat.
  • Get enough sleep and restLack of enough sleep can interfere with weight loss by lowering the metabolic rate and shifting hormone levels to promote hunger and fat storage.
  • Include vegetables in every mealVegetables are characterized by their high content of fiber and nutrients and low in calories, so eating vegetables can reflect weight stability and help in its movement.

Weight stability and lack of weight loss, despite numerous attempts to follow a strict, calorie-restricted diet, exercise and control carb cravings can be both frustrating and frustrating. [4]

  • a diet that is not based on science, This type of regimen can prove counterproductive and add weight instead of losing it.
  • By not doing enough exercise, Exercise is one of the basic things for weight loss and therefore the required level of exercise should be maintained to ensure the desired results.
  • Not getting enough waterWater helps maintain body balance. Not drinking enough water can affect the flow of various biological processes and can affect metabolism and slow down its efficiency in the body.
  • Not getting enough sleep and rest, There is a close link between lack of sleep and weight gain, this may be due to the fact that some hormones are secreted especially at night and therefore lack of sleep can affect the secretion of these hormones.
  • Some health problemsSome health problems can prevent weight loss. Examples of these problems are thyroid disease, insulin resistance, multiple cyst syndrome, sleep apnea, and Cushing’s syndrome.
  • hormonal disorderHormones play an important role in the body Hormonal disorders can cause many health problems and diseases. The most important hormones in the body that play a vital role are: leptin, insulin, thyroid hormones, ghrelin, cortisol.

In conclusion, we can say that weight stability is one of the natural things that the body goes through after losing weight. Stable weight diet and the tips mentioned earlier can help in moving weight stability.

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