Despite the Zionist lobby campaign against her, “Samar Lee” candidate is close to winning a seat in Congress |  News from politics

Despite the Zionist lobby campaign against her, “Samar Lee” candidate is close to winning a seat in Congress | News from politics

A year ago, Summer Lee posted on Twitter in support of the Palestinian cause, and this position caught him in the crosshairs of AIPAC, the largest Israeli lobbying organization, and its counterpart, the Democratic Majority Foundation for Israel, which recruited two million dollars to attack him.

Washington- “We must stand up against injustice everywhere. Atrocities against the Palestinian people cannot be tolerated or justified.” Irwin, who was supported and financially supported by the Lobby of Israel.

This rivalry required pro-Israel groups to spend at least $ 2.5 million in the race to attack Summer Lee, 34, in an unsuccessful attempt to remove him from the race for the Pennsylvania 12th District seat, which he is considered to be the winner for the Democratic Candidate in the November elections next November almost guaranteed.

Summer Lee’s Progress Reflects Changes Within Democratic Party in Favor of Progressive Left (Reuters)

The rise of the democratic left

Summer Lee is close to winning a seat in the House of Representatives, as this county has historically been known as a Democratic Party. If she wins, she will become the first woman of color elected to Congress from Pennsylvania.

Summer Lee’s victory represents an additional victory for the Democratic Party’s progressive movement on the one hand, and on the other, it represents a new blow to pro-Israel lobbies, who have spared no money and effort to defeat them.

Despite tough campaigns against Summer Lee, her victory reflects, according to observers, significant developments within the Democratic Party, the most important of which is the escalation of the “progressive left” force at a time when Democrats are gaining popularity. President Joe Biden is in decline due to inflation and high prices.

47,451 people voted for the “Samar Lee” candidate, equivalent to 41.63% of the total votes, while her opponent Steve Irwin received 46,711 votes or 40.89% of the votes. Due to the proximity of the results, the voting was recounted and the final result was announced more than a week late.

organized a defamation campaign

Candidate Summer Lee represents the progressive movement within the Democratic Party, which is supporting the left-wing political rhetoric of senator and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Lee defeated her main rival, Steve Irwin, a lawyer and former chairman of the Pennsylvania Securities and Exchange Commission, who gained considerable support from traditional party leaders and institutions.

“It was a race between citizens and businesses and citizens won,” she said in a statement after announcing her victory in the party’s primary race. “We built a movement in Pennsylvania to curb corporate power, to protect working families, and we defeated a multimillion-dollar slander campaign. It was never a candidate. On the contrary, it is the people of this region who are left behind. companies and have only been interested in using them for decades. ”

Senator Sanders backed candidate Summer Lee, as did progressive lawmakers Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Octacio-Cortez. This prompted rival Steve Irwin’s campaign for massive financial support from two major pro-Israel organizations aimed at undermining progressive candidates in the Democratic primary.

Summer Lee’s victory in the Democratic primary in Pennsylvania is further evidence of the power of the wave of change within the Democratic camp.

Candidate Summer Lee ran with a progressive agenda; She advocated green policies, demanded free health care for all Americans, and supported unions.

Israel lobby fire

A year ago, a Palestinian rights activist, Samar Lee, wrote on Twitter: “The United States has shown leadership in defending human rights around the world, and as we in the Black Lives Matter movement fight for a dignified life for African-Americans, we must stand up to injustices everywhere, Tolerating or justifying inhumanity against the Palestinian people.

This pro-Palestinian stance put candidate Summer Lee at the forefront of AIPAC, the largest Israeli lobbying organization, and its counterpart, the Democratic Majority Foundation for Israel.

These organizations attack any candidate who expresses his opposition to Israeli policies, criticizes his attitudes, or seeks support and justice for the Palestinians. The AIPAC United Democracy Project spent more than $ 2 million on political advertising by attacking candidate Summer Lee.

Irwin’s campaign defended the content of the ad, and a spokesman for his campaign told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review), “Irwin is proud to defend the Jewish state of Israel, America’s strongest ally in the Middle East.”

United Project spokesman Patrick Dorton said Lee’s close victory was proof that her views “did not resonate with a large part of the Democratic Party.” He added that the AIPAC-sponsored group “runs another 10-15 races involving candidates it sees as a threat to US-Israeli relations.”

Although funded by a pro-Israel group, those ads referred to Washington policy in the Middle East, Israel or Palestine. Instead, the ads questioned Summer Lee’s credibility, claiming she was undemocratic and hostile to President Joe Biden.

Candidate Summer Lee disagrees with the claim that she is against Israel, while expressing her criticism of American politicians who have not spoken out against attacks on Palestinians.

Lee expressed her belief that aid to Israel, as well as to all US allies, should be conditional on their commitment to human rights.


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