Benefits of green salad to strengthen immunity and reduce coronary infection

Benefits of green salad to strengthen immunity and reduce coronary infection

Green salad is one of the basic dishes that is recommended to be eaten permanently to get its nutritional benefits for the body. It is a dish that consists of many lasting colors, but the color or type of these vegetables has many nutritional benefits. that the body needs a lot.

In this report, we will learn about the most salient health benefits of eating a green salad plate every day, according to the website. ” besthealthmag“.

The report proved that eating a salad bowl every day is one of the good nutritional tricks in protecting and strengthening the body and helps in its good construction because it contains many nutrients like fiber, antioxidants, vitamins A and C, zinc and potassium , and many good and beneficial nutrients for the body.

And since the green salad dish contains a high percentage of calcium, this makes it a dish that provides the body with many benefits, including strengthening the bone structure and reducing the chances of it being exposed or infected with any problems. bone fracture, significant. muscle weakness and exposure to general bone weakness.

The report pointed out that eating green salad is one of the good nutritional tricks to strengthen eyesight and reduce exposure to any eye and eye complications, for the fact that it contains some nutrients like carotenoids, vitamin A, lutein and zeaxanthin. , and these elements are important for maintaining eye health and strengthening the eyes.

The report stated that the plate with green salad is one of the nutritious foods rich in important elements that significantly contribute to the reduction and fight against breast cancer, especially in the case of adding cabbage to the salad plate and therefore you should eat it constantly for protect it. much from cancer.

Also, daily consumption of green salad works to significantly and significantly strengthen the immune system, and in light of the spread of Corona virus, it is recommended to eat daily to reduce coronavirus infection, as well as significantly strengthen the immune system.

The report advised the necessity of eating a green salad every day to protect against digestive problems, such as constipation or diarrhea, as they are foods that greatly protect the digestive system.


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