Benefits of green salad :: Nabataeans

Benefits of green salad :: Nabataeans

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Despite the low-calorie salad, it should be noted that it does not contain high-calorie ingredients such as creamy or fat-rich spices and no meal is served unless different salads are served with the food. It is essential without eating any food next to it, so the ingredients of the salad should be chosen carefully and not to overdo it. We will explain all the benefits of the salad and its nutrients.

If you want to lose weight or take advantage of the benefits of salad in the process of improving nutrition, through the many benefits that a salad dish contains, but some supplements can be unhealthy, e.g. adding sauce or some foods to the salad plate for a better taste, sometimes adding some items that are high in calories and full of unhealthy fats, which makes them harmful.

Green leaf groups contain many nutrients that are beneficial to the body, and despite the benefits of different and varied types of green leaves, the natural green leaves that are placed in salads are full of fiber and low in calories, which means that you will feel full quickly without eating harmful fats or nutrients, it will completely fill your stomach with the least number of calories.

Natural fiber improves the entire digestive system, for example, lettuce that is placed in lettuce is packed with vitamins that the body needs constantly, such as vitamins A, C, E and K, while mustard, for example, provides vitamin B. this combination adds many vitamins Those that the body needs, strengthens the immune system, protects bones and keeps the digestive system healthy and functioning efficiently. they will make you feel full for fewer calories.

Salad is full of nutritional supplements, which can contain only 25 calories, which is a percentage that many need, especially those who want to lose weight dramatically, as each half cup is full of vitamins and minerals, vegetables greens like broccoli and asparagus. able to promote eye health, and has anti-lycopene Red vegetables like tomatoes, which are always present in abundance in salads, radishes and red peppers have a lot of vitamin C, and yellow vegetables like squash, peppers and yellow and other contain vitamin C and many other vitamins beneficial to the body.

Eating salad on a daily basis is the first step towards weight loss and weight loss, as it is the main meal if a person wants to lose weight significantly. All studies have shown that starting to eat low calorie foods, for example. lettuce, which contains about 150 calories or less, increases the feeling of satiety and reduces the feeling of hunger throughout the day, we will explain some details that reduce calories with lettuce and make it healthier:

Cut down on high-calorie oils and additives:

It is preferable to reduce the addition of oils and elements that are high and high in calories when preparing the salad dish. Reducing cheese, dried fruits, toast, nuts or seeds can increase the amount of sodium, fat and calories in them. making them unhealthy.

Also, slimming specialists and doctors are advised to prepare salad dressing at home by making spices from spices and adding in small percentage vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil or any other vegetable oil, as well as it is advised not to eat some salads. containing a high percentage of calories like cabbage salads, potato salads Creamy fruit salads.

The use of dark-colored herbs should be increased and therefore the use of leafy vegetables in salad preparation is recommended to be healthier and fewer calories, such as dark lettuce, because light lettuce contains fiber, but i lack of many of the nutrients found in. lettuce beans or dark leafy vegetables.Others like: kale or spinach and you can add some fiber and other protein to the salad so that it becomes better in taste and feels fuller like p .sh. beans, meal is enriched with fiber and protein, as well as grilled chicken breast, canned salmon or boiled eggs can also be added.To increase the energy content of protein.

Fruits and vegetables in general are very useful for women during pregnancy because each of them contains many important nutrients and proteins. Salad contains a high percentage of fiber that women need during pregnancy and it is worth noting that the body needs for trace elements increases during pregnancy. Excessive and insufficient intake of it can lead to a negative effect on the mother and fetus.

Excessive hair coloring causes the hair to dry out and fall out, as the coloring materials in which the hair is dyed contain many chemicals that damage the hair and erode the follicles. It is therefore advisable not to apply paints and use natural compounds consistently.

Eating fresh vegetables increases hair density and reduces the risks of the chemicals we use, and these fresh vegetables are all found in salad dressings, and to strengthen the scalp and follicles, it is recommended to eat vegetables and fruits that contain vitamins and protein. , there are many vegetables like cucumbers, carrots, peppers and watermelon And tomatoes have the healthy vitamins that hair needs.

  • Salad contains 8% silicon, 9% phosphorus and provides an adequate supply of sulfur, these three minerals are vital for the maintenance of skin, hair and nails.

  • Continuous consumption of lettuce stimulates the follicles on the scalp in the tiger and also works to strengthen the roots and nerves of the scalp.

  • Salad contains various vitamins and minerals that help produce the fatty substances needed by the scalp without having to apply oils with natural ingredients.

  • Salad is a useful food for dry hair, as it helps increase the moisture of the hair and protect them from dehydration and fall.

  • The vegetables that make up the salad contain biotin and elastin, which are very important components of the hair and work to prevent breakage, they also contain large amounts of vitamin E, which increases the density of the hair and makes it more shiny.

  • The benefits of strength for the skin

Regular consumption of vegetables, especially green vegetables, helps you maintain the beauty and freshness of your skin, as salads contain many vitamins that the skin needs constantly, such as A, C, B, E and D. These vitamins are able to to protect the skin and make it brighter.It is also fat-free and hence specialists and doctors advise to eat constantly authorities in order to control and reduce body mass.


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