6 reasons why the cake cracks from the surface: mostly high temperature and recipe ingredients

6 reasons why the cake cracks from the surface: mostly high temperature and recipe ingredients


Cake cracking

The cake is one of the most delicious and sweet desserts that can be prepared at home with simple steps, but the problem of cracking the cake from the surface is often repeated and for this reason “Hen” presents the reasons for cracking the cake and offers solutions. this problem, according to what Annika Manning wrote in “Baking School.” yourself online.

Anika is an Australian teacher, author, consultant and publisher in the culinary arts, with over 30 years of experience in the field.

Why does the cake crack?

1- High temperature

If the cake is placed in the oven at a higher temperature than required, the top layer of the cake is formed before the baking and its rise are complete and during its rise the top layer breaks, causing the crust to crack and the mixture to suffer. emerge from it.

You can lower the temperature by 10 degrees Celsius and notice the difference, the temperature mentioned in the recipe may be incorrect or not suitable for the power of your oven.

2- Prepare the oven

Cracking can occur if the cake is placed in the oven before it reaches the required temperature, sometimes the cakes are first placed in the oven and then the temperature is adjusted and this causes cracks and the leveling level is not adjusted.

You need to turn on the oven while preparing the recipe, to take time to reach the desired temperature and then place the cake in it.

3- shelf for cakes

The cake should always be placed on the middle shelf of the oven; Because it is the place with moderate heat, unlike its placement on the top or bottom shelf, that makes it rise very quickly which is not in proportion to its maturity period and can burn the outer crust.

4- The size of the mold

The size of the mold should be chosen for the amount of cake dough; Choosing a small mold in relation to the amount of mixture will increase its rate of rise, especially by half, which will cause cracks in it and make its surface uneven, in a dome-like shape.

5- Recipe ingredients

Cracking occurs even if there is a defect in the ingredients of the recipe, e.g. too much flour or placement of a small amount of liquid materials, whether from milk or eggs; This makes the mixture thicker and less elastic, so always choose the right recipe from reliable sources.

6- Beat the mixture

Mixing too much causes the ingredients to produce gluten, which makes the mixture heavy in the end, which leads to the same result in the event of a defect or error in the ingredients.

All you have to do in mixing the ingredients is to achieve the degree of homogeneity between them, just mix the ingredients until they are perfectly mixed.


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