What would happen if you wrapped your feet in aluminum foil?

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Aluminum foil can be found in almost every kitchen in the world, and while most of us associate aluminum foil with food preparation and storage, there are many uses for this common household item that you may not have guessed. For starters, it can serve as a great cold remedy. To start, you should wrap your feet in at least five pieces of paper

On a biological level, the energy flowing through our body returns to the meridian from which it came.

This is great for the diseased organs to which this meridian is connected. This way you can easily get rid of problems and pain. This interesting method of healing is practiced by Russian and Chinese physicians and is described in the works of Wilhelm Reich, a student of Freud.

Take you aluminum foil and place it on the painful area and secure it with a bandage.

With this method you can treat pain in the neck, back, feet, hands, joints, heels and rheumatoid arthritis. This way you can get rid of scars after surgery. You can get good results in the treatment of gout. Cover your finger with aluminum foil and secure it with a band.

Chinese doctors recommend this treatment within 10-12 days. Every day you have to put aluminum foil on the painful area and keep it on all day and night. After that, you should break 1-2 weeks and repeat the process if necessary.

The hole has anti-inflammatory properties and you can cure a cold with it.

Your legs should be wrapped in paper in 5-7 layers with paper or wool placed between each part. Leave it like this for about an hour.

Then take it out and put it back for an hour after 2 hours. Then stop and release it a third time. The treatment should last for a week.

Opinions vary as to how these remedies work for those diseases. This is explained by someone in bioenergy, someone with science and the Russian scientist A.F. Sources of structures of energy used during treatment, such as aluminum paper products, Skvortsov explained.

It is a living organism with specialized cells that are connected to the energy of the earth. This lack of energy occurs for various reasons and cuts off the energy supply to the cell.

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