What is your tongue trying to tell you about your health?

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Tongue analysis comes from the ancient healing routines of Ayurveda. It is a framework that supports holistic health through a subtle awareness of the body and brain.

If your tongue gets stuck and hits the mirror, you may be seeing a side effect of the medical problem you are dealing with.

Fissures are often located in the middle or back of the tongue, indicating intestinal fractures, intestinal malabsorption, hypersensitivity or food sensitivities.

The tongue has a normal lining, but the mucus is greasy, thick, yellow or white, and mucus and toxins may develop inside, indicating a problem, if there is a problem with the colon behind the tongue.

Dark or opaque black
Dull hairs on the tongue can be scary, but it is only an indicator of anxiety. I’m here.

“[A dark, rough tongue] is usually caused by smoking, espresso or stale tea, or poor dental hygiene. Deportation will suffice.”

A tooth print on the side of the tongue
This indicates poor mineral processing or retention. Cracking and belching are symptoms of gastrointestinal problems, and belching can also indicate lower abdominal erosion.

red wound
This can be an early symptom of a malignant tongue tumor, but don’t freeze it right away. Also, don’t confuse it with red blisters, spots, or infections that clear up within half a month.

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