Earwax can tell about your health. what color are you

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Wax is a liquid in the body, a viscous substance that can tell a lot about a person’s health. .

Earwax is not just a buildup of dirt in your ears. It is a material made to prevent dirt and bacteria from entering the ear canal. In short, wax is what keeps your ears healthy and functioning.

Scientists say wax is a mixture of squalene, alcohol and long-chain fatty acids.

Find out what different colors of crayons represent about your health

  • Yellow, wet and sticky
    This type of earwax is the most common type in adults. The moist texture protects the ear canal and prevents itching and dryness.

Gray wax is rare and uncommon, but don’t worry if your cotton swab has gray wax on it.

Medical experts explain that the gray color usually results from the ear’s natural cleaning process. However, if your earwax is brittle, dry, and your ears feel itchy, it could be a sign of eczema. If these symptoms occur frequently, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

pale yellow
This earwax color is typical for children. It’s also important to add that children tend to produce more wax than adults.

  • Paste and darken
    Sticky earwax that is thicker than normal indicates that the body is sweating more than usual. This means that if you have thick earwax, it is more likely to ooze than normal, which can also lead to unpleasant body odors.
  • dark and thick
    Certain conditions, such as anxiety and chronic stress, can cause your body to produce excessive amounts of earwax. Additionally, heavy sweating can also increase wax production. If the earwax is not removed, it can block the ear canal and cause temporary hearing loss. Also, if your earwax is dark and thick, it is very important to clean your ears regularly to avoid complications. Thick, dark earwax indicates that you need to reduce stress and relax.

Dry, white and flaky.
Dry, flaky earwax is also a perfectly normal type of earwax, but doctors also say it’s an indication that you’re healthy. They tend to have less body odor than people using

black or dark brown
Dark brown or black earwax can be very scary, but doctors say it’s nothing to worry about. Dark earwax color can also be caused by overproduction of earwax (like when you’re stressed). However, the darker color may also indicate that earwax remains in the ear longer. By the time the wax is removed, increased contact with oxygen will cause the wax to discolor.

wet liquid
Doctors say it’s perfectly normal for wax to come out of your ears from time to time because it’s part of the natural cleaning process. , is a big warning sign that you have a perforated eardrum and should seek immediate medical attention.

bloody wax

If you notice bloody earwax, you should see a doctor immediately. Old earwax may look like dried blood, but if it’s bloody, it could be a punctured eardrum.

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