A home remedy that will remove calluses and fungus from your feet in 2 days

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Feet are an integral part of the body for everyone. With them we stop, walk and do many different exercises. Either way, for some women it is one of the most precious pieces of jewelry. This is more true when they usually wear open shoes or the back of the foot.

It leaves the legs split and insensitive in this respect, although a little cream can help, it is not the ideal answer for this type of situation.

So in this article we will show you the formula of an extraordinary home remedy that will help you achieve perfect legs. Pay special attention!

The most effective way to get rid of warts and parasites on the feet

One of the common problems with the feet is that they split, their skin hardens and so on. In any case, we have to show you a very convincing remedy for these problems. If you apply it, in the shortest time your legs will look delicate and luxurious.

The stabilizers you need are easy to get and can be applied to the skin. Since the product is not strong, it will not harm you if your skin is not respectful. Despite what you might expect, its continued use reduces the spread of tumors and microorganisms on the feet. Therefore, it works to balance the pH of the skin and eliminate odors.


Lemon juice (1 unit)

  • Aspirin (5 units)
  • Pumice (1 unit)
    Planning technique and benefits:

To begin, take a headache medicine and crush it well with a mortar or pestle. If you don’t have onions at home, you can soak the chips and mash them with a fork or a large blade. When you get a fine powder without spots, apply it somewhere else. In the meantime, mix it with lemon juice until you get a smooth gum. If necessary, you can add a little water.

Before applying this cream, you should wash your feet thoroughly to wash off the dirt. At this point, apply a thin layer of this cream to your feet, emphasizing the area where there are growths or warts. You should leave it on for about 30 minutes and then wash it off with plenty of warm water.

In the meantime, get rid of warts and dead skin with a pumice stone. Wash your feet again with warm water to get rid of dead skin and make them soft. You need to reformulate this routine two or three times a week to get permanent results. To complete your results, apply cream and stay away from dryness.

From now on, and for the foreseeable future, you will never have blisters or physical problems again. Watch this post!

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