7 signs of liver cancer every woman should know

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Because there are many types of cancer, signs of liver cancer do not appear in the early stages, and as a result liver tumors are operated on at a more advanced level. There is no schedule for non-prescription screening tests for “liver cancer”.

People with a family history of the disease or other risk factors should talk to their doctor about steps they can take to know or reduce their risk. High risk of developing liver cancer.

  1. Cancer rates are on the rise
    Although it may seem rare, cancer is one of the fastest growing cancers, with at least two thousand new cases in Canada each year. Liver cancer is known to be latent, so it does not show signs until it reaches an advanced stage. Therefore, regular checkups may be the key to survival.

If we have someone who is having regular checkups and it looks like they have cancer, we can treat them if they have advanced disease that has spread beyond the liver,” says Hassan Abu Alfa, MD, a medical oncologist at the Sloan Kettering Memorial Center. Cancer Center. “We prefer not to see symptomatic patients.”

  1. Abnormal stomach pains
    People with liver cancer experience unusual pain in the upper right abdomen. In the words of Dr. Brawley, “When I examine a patient who has no symptoms, and when I tap the liver, they say it hurts.” He says. Pain in this area does not necessarily indicate liver cancer, it can also be the result of other diseases such as Hepatitis, gall bladder or pancreatic problems.
  2. Extreme weight loss
    Loss of appetite and weight loss are common symptoms for people with various types of illnesses. It includes a large number of different types of cancer and viruses.

The decrease may not correspond to the extent of the cancer, Dr. Brawley said, but be sure to tell your doctor if other signs could be related to liver cancer.

  1. Fast feeling of satiety
    Dr. Abu Alfa says that excess fluid in the stomach can make you feel full faster than usual.
    Cancer can always make you lose your appetite very quickly. He says.
  2. Yellowing of the eyes or skin
    “Dr. Abu Alfa” sometimes says that jaundice is a result of liver cancer, and if you have itching and jaundice, it’s not a good story. He says, “Jaundice is also a clear symptom of pancreatic cancer.
  3. As a result of obesity
    According to Dr. Abu Alf, a new factor in causing liver cancer is “non-alcoholic” fatty liver disease, and for many years the main causes of this disease were the increase in the rates of liver cancer and diabetes related to obesity.

“Being overweight doesn’t necessarily mean you’re at high risk for liver cancer,” says Dr. Pauli. According to him, there are many overweight people in the United States, and liver cancer is extremely rare. The more risk factors you have, the more you worry.

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