Sleeping with wet hair damages your body!

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Sometimes you’re so tired you don’t even want to take a shower before bed… and you went to the gym. Sometimes you have the last strength to take a shower, but after that it is not enough to go through all the procedures for checking your face, hair and body.

Sleeping straight after showering without drying your hair is very bad for your health. That’s why…

Causes of headache

When you go to bed with wet hair in the morning, you may have a severe headache. As your body temperature rises when you sleep, the moisture on your head can cause headaches due to the huge temperature difference between your body and your head.

sticky hair

Your hair will be a mess tomorrow, that’s for sure. People with long hair should avoid sleeping with wet hair, as this can damage and break the hair, and the hair inevitably becomes sticky.


The next day, due to excess moisture remaining on the head, all kinds of itching and even redness may appear.

Muscle pain. Sudden changes in temperature can cause muscle pain, and severe cramps can wake you up in the middle of the night. There have even been cases of paralysis and eventual death due to varying body temperatures!


All that moisture is perfect for creating additional bacteria on your pillow, which already contains sweat and facial moisture.


A wet scalp interferes with the sebaceous glands of the scalp. This results in increased oil production or decreased natural oil production, dandruff, and the scalp’s natural pH balance.

There are many reasons to keep your pillow and bed dry, right? The next time you feel very sleepy, decide to wash your hair the next day. This solution is the best solution for your health and for looking good the next morning!

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