If your body suddenly twitches during sleep, this is what it means

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No matter how many times this happens to me, it never seems to get better or feel even the slightest bit surprising.

You know, you’re starting to drift off into dreamland, but just as you’re about to slip into that deep sleep, you start falling or something hits you in the face and suddenly wakes you up. and a great way.

I don’t know if you have ever wondered about this strange phenomenon, but I always wonder why it happens. This seems to happen to people all the time.

Scientists have finally figured out what that means. They even officially named it “Shiny Fluffy”.

Everyone interprets falling asleep differently, but the generally shared experience is that it feels like falling. Ironically, it is also described as a demon that strangles you while you sleep.

Researchers believe that the frequency of insomnia increases due to some external factors such as caffeine and smoking. It is recommended to avoid caffeinated drinks a few hours after bedtime.

Also, drugs like Adderall and Ritalin have been observed to have similar effects, and insomnia can also trigger this phenomenon.

Drowsiness is often observed during or after a person falls asleep quickly or during a stressful situation. In rare cases, when the body is truly stressed, the brain processes sleep stages too quickly, mistaking itself for the body and its basic systems to malfunction.

It’s the brain’s interpretation of the burst of chemicals that react when you wake up, and then create dreams designed to wake you up, which is the basic premise of the “fatigue attraction” theory.

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