12 things women do that men find extremely annoying

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Here is a list for women who want to know which of their habits are annoying.

  1. The habit of asking her what she thinks every time she wears a new dress or goes out on a date. No matter what the poor man says, he will not believe it, so he has fallen into a trap.
  2. Her habit of talking a lot about her friends, their secrets, her partner, and her wonderful husband. The guys find it annoying because it has nothing to do with his friends’ secrets.
  3. Men usually hate when a woman asks for candy or a movie, but doesn’t say no, but don’t hesitate to criticize them if the dessert goes bad.
  4. It’s annoying when a woman is angry and denies any wrongdoing. They somehow want men to read their minds and understand the reason for their bad mood.
  5. No one likes to be compared to their ex. But women often do this when they are excited or upset about a similar situation they experienced in a previous relationship.
  6. Women tend to suspect or be suspicious of their partner’s actions. It can be something as simple as a night out with friends or meeting a female co-worker.
  7. Men hate it when girls share everything about their sex lives with their girlfriends. How can a man be comfortable knowing there are other women who know what’s going on in the bedroom?
  8. Women are always after men to save money or invest in something for their future. Even so, he looks back and says, “You don’t need to work so hard, I left your whole life ahead of you to earn money.”
  9. Women don’t hesitate to judge his friends and say that he wastes all his money drinking with them.
  10. Remember the first handshake, the first date, the first kiss, and make a big deal out of it if he forgets these days.
  11. Trying to hug or kiss her when she’s working on an important project or on the phone with a client is annoying.
  12. No matter where or how the argument started, women are not shy about bringing up past events and pointing out everything wrong to make men feel guilty.

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