Choose your nose shape and we will tell you about your personality

  1. Nubian nose

The most characteristic feature of the Nubian nose is its length. Other characteristics of this type of nose are a straight bridge and a wide downward tip. People with such a nose are called curious and inquisitive. They are optimists who care about the needs of others. Overall love their company. They approach problems and are always looking for solutions.

  1. Greek nose

This type of nose gets its name from ancient Greek statues, most of which have this shape. The most striking features are the precise length and straightness. People with this nose are carefree and avoid being the center of attention. They are practical and reliable, but you cannot openly talk about your feelings with them.

  1. Hawkenosis

Curved from the base of the nasal bone to the tip, this shape of the nose is often compared to a bird’s beak. People with hook beaks are resourceful and selfless. They fight passionately for what they believe in and are willing to take risks to achieve their goals.

  1. Crooked nose

Although similar to a hooked nose, a concave nose has a noticeable point. People with such a nose are very strong. They are dedicated to their work and have good organizational skills.

  1. No buttons

Short and elegant, the button nose is perhaps the most popular of all shapes. In addition, button-shaped people are very spontaneous in their decisions, which can make others nervous. They are also determined and honest and will not give up until they get what they want.

  1. Straight nose

This type of nose is common among Asians. A straight nose, slightly flatter than other shapes, is characterized by wide, round nostrils. These people have a strong character. On the other hand, they are quite passionate and temperamental. Don’t test their patience as they can get very angry.

  1. Hollow nose

A sunken nose, marked by a small arch on the nasal bones, generally looks small and is not very noticeable. People with hollow noses are quite generous and always ready to help others. They are also quite sensitive, which makes them easy to hurt and hurt.

  1. Crooked nose

Although this name has a negative connotation, a crooked nose is actually associated with a loved one. This shape of the nose is characterized by a pronounced bridge and a rounded tip. Hook-nosed people are always devoted to their work. They are good listeners and make excellent friends and companions. In addition, they are very realistic.

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