10 Liver Damage Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Liver damage is one of those diseases that affects almost every adult over the age of 40. This is a sign that you are not taking care of your body. But do we always understand the signs? No. Sometimes we think it’s because of what we eat, but it goes much further than that. Liver damage can be fatal, depending on its severity. Interestingly, your body is constantly warning you about this. So why don’t you listen to it?

Here are the signs to look for liver damage:


One of those signs of liver damage. Although you need to correctly catch where it swells. What you’re looking for is the top left corner, just behind the ribcage. If this part swells, you can be sure of liver damage.

Abdominal pain
Bloating is accompanied by pain. It occurs directly under the tumor and occurs at regular intervals. If this exceeds your suffering and you feel like your stomach is about to explode, contact a specialist immediately.

Another clear indication of liver damage. This is because the liver cannot process all the toxins and the body needs extra work. This leads to fatigue.

The amount of protein in the body begins to decrease until the liver begins to wilt. As a result, the blood does not clot, leading to more wounds that refuse to heal. There is also a direct link between people with liver problems and blood problems. People with liver problems have fewer platelets, which prevents their wounds from accumulating.

This is another indication. People feel bad when the liver refuses to work and the disease lasts a long time. Sometimes it is difficult to bear, and it can even be fatal. What we need at the moment is a quick visit to the doctor to help you deal with this.

Now, this can happen in two different ways. One of them is dryness, that is, stomach pain and gurgling, because your liver cannot get rid of toxins. The other vomits the previous meal because your liver can’t digest the food now.

Free bowel
The activities associated with the intestines are completely disrupted when the liver stops working.

problems with hunger
This is not only a physical problem, but also a psychological one. When a person has liver problems, their brain tends to send signals to the rest of the digestive system not to absorb more food, as this can lead to vomiting. Even if you are very hungry!

While it may seem like something that mostly occurs in children, jaundice can also occur in adults. When the liver stops working, the stored toxins refuse to be broken down and turn into bile. This bile causes the eyes and urine to turn yellow, and the stools to become pale. An infected person should start treatment immediately.

psychological problems
Psychologically, the consequences of liver problems can be expressed in a loss of attention and concentration. In some cases, it can also lead to Alzheimer’s disease.

Do not neglect these symptoms and take care of your health.

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