Men have a morning ‘script’ that every woman should know.

Women think that men want sex all the time, and when they see their man up in the morning forest, the argument becomes even more intense. Women hardly understand this phenomenon and always associate it with sexual desire. However, recent studies have shown that it has nothing to do with sex.

Morning sickness is a natural process that affects men of all ages (even babies). This is medically known as penile cancer and can be caused by many factors.

A direct result of wet dreams

Wet dreams are sometimes the cause of morning sickness, but this is not an accepted theory.

Morning Forest = P-Boner

The morning tree is called urination because it falls out after going to the bathroom.

Our brain is responsible

During the REM stage of our sleep, parts of the brain go into a sleep-like state where we are free to do whatever we want.


Men’s testosterone levels are highest in the morning, which means the morning tree turns them into real men.

**** Want to be ready for action at all times

Theoretically, the morning forest wakes up because **** always wants to be ready.

He rubs against you

Of course, physical stimulation triggers **** and may be one of the reasons for this phenomenon.

When the mind tells the body it’s ready, **** comes out

Men can hold **** for hours, but **** can only hold blood for a limited time, so it can be a painful experience.

A good night’s rest is important

A good night’s rest (6-8 hours of sleep) is important in order to be more productive the next day.

You may have to compromise as a couple

Men are more horny in the morning and women like to have sex at night, so you have to compromise.

Your man isn’t the only one with a one night stand

The average man has 4-5 erections during sleep, so it’s not just the partner.

It is suitable for all men

Morning sickness affects young and middle-aged men and even babies!

It may be caused by the bladder

The bladder fills with urine, which compresses the spinal cord and causes a **** reflex.

It means you are healthy

The morning tree indicates normal testosterone levels and is an indicator of good health.

Lack of exercise or too much exercise can affect testosterone levels.

It is important to maintain a balanced level of this hormone.

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