He’ll Never Tell You This: 4 Reasons Why You Should Always Pee in the Shower!

In this article, we’ll explain 4 reasons why you should safely urinate in the shower.

There is nothing better than a long shower to bring your body and mind together. When you are independent of everyone, you probably don’t even think about it. What are we talking about here? defecation. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true, peeing in the shower isn’t as nasty as that face you’re making right now. See what the pros have to say about it!

It’s like the famous axiom: “There are two types of people: people who pee in wetsuits and people who lie about it.” The same level applies to the soul, or pretty much everywhere we go into the water. It’s really normal and normal.

The truth is that urinating in the shower has some benefits (besides relaxing the bladder). Take a look at all the ways this can be helpful.

  1. This business is literally saving the planet.
    According to several tests conducted by the US Environmental Protection Agency, 27% of the flow of water is consumed by urination in the bathroom. This is mainly because you don’t have to line the container in case you pee in the shower.
  2. Clears wounds
    Fresh urine will help clean up scars or scratches. Urine, in particular, will clean the wound, as well as relax the tissues and relieve pain. In any case, you must remember that if the injury is not funny, then you should contact your specialist.
  3. Helps you take care of your skin
    Now you understand that urine is an excellent treatment for dermatitis and rashes. In particular, urea is an effective fixing agent commonly used in many creams and oils for healthy skin. Also note that urination maintains the pH level of the skin, which is great for dry and sensitive skin.
  4. It can help you solve the problem of fungus
    Urine can be used as part of the treatment for a nasty and severe foot infection. In such cases, the most ideal treatment for this condition is to apply urine to the affected skin. The results will be amazing in just a few days and will surely surprise you.

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