You should eat it if you have hair loss, brittle nails or you don’t sleep well

If you are concerned, adrenal gland problems can affect the health and quality of your hair and nails, as well as the quality of your sleep.

The adrenal gland is located on top of the kidneys and is part of the endocrine glands. This gland is responsible for the secretion of many hormones such as steroids and adrenaline.

These hormones are important because they regulate blood pressure, improve the immune system and speed up metabolism.

Your body easily copes with a lot of stress when these hormones are released in the body, so any blockage in the adrenal gland can lead to various disorders in the body and the appearance of serious health problems.

You can boost adrenal function with this natural, homemade drink that suggests using Brazil nuts.

Here’s what you need and how to make this medicine:
Pure natural honey – (4 tablespoons)
Parsley leaves – (cut just over 2/4 of a bunch of parsley – a medium bunch of flat leaf parsley weighs about 2 ounces and contains about 48 sprigs)
Ginger (ground) – 1 tablespoon (a tablespoon of fresh ginger root equals 1/4 teaspoon of ground ginger)
Brazil nuts – (120 grams)
Raisins – (100 grams)

The first thing to do when making this homemade drink is to put the parsley leaves and Brazil nuts in a blender and grind them.
The next step is to add raisins, ginger and pure honey.
Mix all the ingredients until a uniform mixture is obtained.
How to use: Take two tablespoons of this homemade natural drink that stimulates the work of the adrenal gland in the early morning before breakfast. Take this dose two to three times a week. Consuming this drink improves the work of the adrenal glands and reduces the risk of developing serious diseases. Already after a short time you will feel changes in your body. Your sleep quality will improve, your hair will be shinier and healthier, and your nails will be strong and shiny and won’t break or damage easily.

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