The color of menstrual blood reveals serious changes in the body!

The menstrual cycle occurs every month for 6-7 days. These days, a woman may experience abnormal contractions as well as some other minor issues such as headaches and indigestion.

When menstrual blood flows rapidly out of the body, it turns red or pink. Sometimes, most women may notice black or brown blood during their period and then become worried. According to experts, the fact that the blood is dark indicates that it slowly flows out of the body.

Of course, during the menstrual cycle, the color of the blood is sometimes observed brighter, and sometimes darker, and many women experience periodic bleeding outside of menstruation.

What can sometimes be a sign of concern is the color of your menstrual blood, and it’s important to know which specific colors indicate when you should see a gynecologist.


Pink blood from the menstrual cycle. But if it occurs early, for example in the middle, it may be a sign of early pregnancy, hormonal imbalance or other diseases of the reproductive organs, so it is better to visit a gynecologist.

This type of blood flow is very light and often occurs after a busy day when the blood drains out of the body quickly and you don’t have time to darken. Don’t worry – it’s normal. The problem occurs when the bleeding lasts more than a week and the blood turns pink and does not bleed.

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