I always had a swollen stomach, until I learned about these 5 habits that cause it

We can all have a slightly bloated stomach after eating, but if days, weeks go by, and the aggravation does not subside, then there is a huge problem in our body related to the stomach.

These problems are usually handled by a complex diet, but if we really understand why this problem started, we will not have the opportunity to stop it forever, but until the treatment ends.

We recommend that you focus on these reasons with the understanding that perhaps one of them could be modified to suit your circumstances and you tend to think it was something more real.

These are the most common causes of an enlarged stomach.

food intolerance

Despite the fact that relatively few give vital importance to things, in reality we can be narrow-minded towards many foods and continue to spend them, paying little attention to whether they cause us a slight stomach palpitation, or harshness, among various side effects. harmful in any case.

Ideal are those that do not pass gluten well, so not only can the stomach bloat, but also cause a rash, among other things.

The best way to explain this is to do a sensitivity test, in many treatment facilities near your home you can do this without too much trouble and possibly with a protective coating.

It will all be in a power mode that is looking for options to address the vulnerability you present.

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