Top 6 essential personal hygiene tips for women

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A healthy mind and body is more than just being sane and disease free. Being healthy also means feeling good and comfortable all day long. One of the primary ways to ensure that you feel fresh every day is to maintain good personal hygiene.

What is personal hygiene?

For most people, personal hygiene includes monotonous activities such as brushing, flossing, bathing, and deodorizing. And that’s it. However, personal hygiene is not just about banishing bad breath and body odor.

As a woman, special attention should be paid to the care of feminine hygiene. A word of caution, however, most feminine hygiene products are about to become useless because the chemicals they contain do more harm than good. What the vagina needs is a basic set of care.

Here are the best basic personal hygiene tips that every woman should learn and follow religiously:

  1. Cleaning

The vagina has natural secretions and oils. In fact, it is not a bodily waste and is, in fact, important in protecting the vagina from infection. Getting these natural secretions is actually a natural process in which the vagina cleans its own surfaces.

Excessive washing and the use of feminine detergents and soaps remove the protective barrier caused by discharge. Although it may be comforting to have scented genitals, it actually makes you more likely to get infections that will later produce odor and discomfort.

To properly clean the external genitalia, you need warm water and a mild soapy bar, and do not forget to rinse the suds well. You should also avoid cleaning the internal genitals. Clean the vagina only when necessary, for example, after a trip to a comfortable room.

  1. Menstrual care

It is normal for a woman to feel uncomfortable during her menstrual period, especially with the feeling of moisture and the possibility of an unpleasant odor. Many women use a vaginal douche to clean up the inside of the vagina to get that really clean feeling.

However, douching pushes bacteria and other menstrual debris into the reproductive system. This will eventually lead to very painful pelvic inflammatory disease.

What a woman should do on red flag days is to clean the genitals with warm water and mild soap, as on normal days. When choosing sanitary pads and tampons, it is best to choose unscented products to avoid exposing the genitals to many chemicals.

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